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Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying Your First Camera in 2020

So you want to get your first “Real camera” that’s not your iPhone? Great! Cameras in 2020 have reached a point where “cheap” cameras are actually very capable cameras. You don’t have to buy the most expensive camera to get great results. The selection of cameras available is far and wide. There is a cameraContinue reading “Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying Your First Camera in 2020”

This One Easy Trick Will Instantly Improve Your Macro Photography

Do you want your macro shots to pop? Do you wish they weren’t so boring? I’ve got one very easy trick to instantly improve your macro photography. First off, this is directed more towards nature photography but you may also find other creative uses for this photography “hack”. I’m dying to know how I canContinue reading “This One Easy Trick Will Instantly Improve Your Macro Photography”

camera settings

Master manual mode

Want to learn how to use your camera to the best of its abilities? Do you want to know how to get perfect exposure in manual mode? Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, what does this even mean? It’s too complicated when you are just starting out as a photographer but I want to show you howContinue reading “Master manual mode”

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