Why you need a macro lens

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Canon 100mm macro lens

No matter what brand you shoot with, a macro lens is an exceptional lens to own. Generally speaking, a macro lens is a lens specifically designed to take photos at a very close distance to the object you are photographing. Most macro lenses are around 100mm but can vary depending on the manufacturer. Don’t let the word “macro” fool you into thinking this is a one trick pony, it’s not. A macro lens is great for detail shots and product shots because it is usually one of the sharpest lenses a manufacturer produces. It’s also a great choice for portraits with an aperture of f/2.8 and the 100mm focal length is great for background compression.

Canon 100mm macro lens

There are endless uses for a macro lens. Using the 100mm macro lens allows me to be more creative with my shots which wouldn’t be possible using a regular lens. Wether you are just starting out with photography or if you have been shooting for years, a macro lens is a great addition to your camera bag. Click the link below to check out the macro lens that’s made for your camera.

A sample of some of my favorite photos taken with the Canon 100mm macro lens.


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