Camera Straps

I make and sell paracord camera straps on Etsy. I would appreciate if you would check out my straps by clicking here.

Why settle for uncomfortable, large, and boring neck straps when you could get a comfortable, compact, secure, and stylish wrist strap. My wrist straps are made with strong 550 paracord which is capable of holding 550 lbs of weight. I would not sell a product that I did not trust with my own photography gear, I use this strap on my own camera that I payed for with hard earned money and I 100% trust this strap to protect my valuables.

Fully adjustable to fit any wrist size big or small and will instantly tighten around your wrist should you happen to let go of your camera. You will love shooting for hours knowing that your camera is safe from harm, and its so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it!

Wrist band is fully adjustable and the strap length is approximately 12 inches long. Comes with a quick release clip for an easy on-off process.

  • Check out my camera straps by visiting my shop here.
  • Check out what’s in my camera bag by clicking here.
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